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Filling ITR seems to be a daunting task for individuals and business units. There always requires someone who can guide the taxpayers to complete the ITR filing appropriately. If you are occupied with the stress of ITR, then RP Gupta & Associates is your solution partner.

Why choose RP Gupta & Associates for income tax return filing?

RP Gupta & Associates is the major online business and tax compliance stage that assists enterprises and small businesses with numerous registration, accounting, tax filing, and government services.

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  • Income Tax Return Filing

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How I can file an income tax return online?

  • The Government of India levies a tax on the income, which is earned during a financial year by individuals and businesses. This tax is called income tax.

  • The taxes are calculated to be a source of income for the administration.

  • The income that is accumulated from the source of tax is then used on evolving infrastructure, education subsidies, proving better healthcare, farmers, and for the people of India.

  • Also, the income collected through tax is used in launching several government welfare schemes for the people of India.

  • Every citizen of India has to opt for filing income tax during a fiscal year. There are options made available by the administration for free income tax e-filing in India . These people can avail if they are well informed and accustomed in filing tax confidently. Else, RP Gupta & Associates is always there to assist you in filing income tax online effortlessly.

  • To be precise, taxes that people of India pay two types to the government. These are direct tax and indirect tax.

  • The tax imposed directly on the individual or business income is called Direct tax.

For example, the direct tax is based on the income tax slab rates applicable during a given financial year.The income tax authority of India prescribes the income tax slab rates.
There are various forms associated while ITR filing online.

  • Income Tax Return (ITR) is a form, where taxpayers input information about his or her income earned during the fiscal year.

  • The amount earned during the financial year is calculated according to the tax slabs prescribed by the authorities.

In ITR form, an individual or business entity files the tax applicable to the income tax department.There are seven income tax return filing forms available;

  • ITR 1

  • ITR 2

  • ITR 3

  • ITR 4

  • ITR 5

  • ITR 6

  • ITR 7

Every taxpayer should submit his or her income tax return on or before the stated due date. The applicability of ITR forms differs relying based on the income of the taxpayer, the quantity of the income made and the group the taxpayer belongs to such as individuals, companies, etc.

What is the income tax eligibility of India?

The income tax act in India has categorized the taxpayers into dissimilar categories as dissimilar tax rates apply to the diverse types of taxpayers. The taxpayers are classified as below:

  • Companies

  • Hindu Undivided Family

  • Individuals

  • Body of the individuals

  • Association of persons

  • Firms

Persons are also categorized as inhabitants and non-resident Indians. The local taxpayers are accountable to pay tax on the global income in India (Both on income earned in India and Abroad). While those who are recognized as NRIs (Non-resident Indians) are required, paying the taxes only on the income earned accrued in India.

The resident persons are further categorized based on their age set.

  • 20 to 60 years of age

  • 60 to 80 years of age

  • Individuals aged more than 80 years

Which Income is lay open to Income Tax in India?

Every individual and business entity earning is subjected to pay Income Tax Online in India.Here is a shorter categorization provided of the income that splits the income for further appreciation.

  • Income from business and occupation which incorporates the profits received by self-employed individuals, businesses, or even freelancers or servicers is also imperiled to Income tax payment in India

  • The income received from professionals such the insurance agents, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, and lawyers who are working are also incorporated in this head.

  • Income from salaries and pensions are also taxable

  • Income from house property is also taxable

  • Income from shares, house property, Mutual funds, etc., is also taxable

  • Income from other sources includes interest on savings accounts, lotteries, and fixed deposits are also taxable

Why choose RPG Associates?

There are impeccable services that RP Gupta & Associates delivers it to its B2B and B2C clients. Here is the list of some of the services that the company delivers to its clients.

  • We assist in quickly file your Income tax returns

  • Assist in reducing or managing the penalty for delay in filing an Income tax return

  • Help in uploading Form 16 to file your Income-tax return

  • Ensure you get Income tax notice help

  • Assist in linking Aadhaar with PAN

Also, our experts assist you in clarifying the doubts related to how to pay advance tax online. For information, please connect to your helpdesk. 9am to 5pm or talk to an expert +91-84456-80000.