• July 25, 2021

Under One Roof Complete your GST Registration Process, ITR Return Filing, and more

Individuals and business entities always look around to get assistance on the GST registration process, ITR returns filing, private limited company registration, and e-TDS/TCS online registration.

RPG Associates can help you in covering all your business accounting problems instantly. From ITR return filing to company registration, and e-TDS/TCS online registration, we have an efficient team that can assure you flawless completion of the process at a minimal cost.

You do not have to worry about e-TDS/TCS online registration or something else once you get in touch with RPG Associates.

Entities who are not aware of the process involved in private limited company registration, GST registration, ITR return filing, etc., can read the notes below:

GST Registration Process

The Goods and Services Tax registration services at RPG Associates support you to get your business GST and GSTIN.

RPG Associates is a hub of GST expert professionals leading you to applicability and compliances under GST.

We ensure that the process involved in GST registration is minimized for every client.

ITR return filing online

  • Every person is subjected to pay government tax known as Income Tax. It can be a direct or indirect tax
  • The income earned through mutual funds, savings, salary, property, or sales comes under taxable earning
  • Money paid on these revenues to the government is called income tax
  • ITR or e-filing income tax is a form that one must fill and submit to the income tax department

How to file an income tax return

Every such individual who is accountable for paying taxes like a business of a private limited company, or partnership regardless of the income or loss must file IT returns.

We support private limited company registration along with ITR filing.


  • An individual who requests to claim a TDS refund having income from assets under religious trusts, charitable trusts, or income from contributions
  • Entities getting income from fixed deposits, bonds, and house property entities and companies who require to claim the refund of the tax
  • An occupant of India who has signing authority in a foreign account

At RPG Associates, get a free consultation for the GST registration process, ITR return filing, company registration, and e-TDS/TCS online registration. If you are looking for any kind of these services, contact us or call at +91-8445680000 and send your query at info@rpgassociates.co.in. For latest updates and offers follow our LinkedIn Page.

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