• June 29, 2021

Avail hassle-free online company registration process

Registering a private limited company registration online in India is easy through RPG Associates. The company director’s address proof, PAN card, and bank statement are required for the registration.

On average, the online company registration process is done within 10 to 15 days. The processing time may vary if there is a delay reported in the submission of documents from the clients’ end.

Private limited company registration is the most popular type and more than 20 lakh companies have been registered in India.

MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) governs all registered companies in India under the Companies Act, 2013.

Each year RPG Associates assists register thousands of companies across India. Avail and get online company registration completed in less than 10 days with assistance from knowledgeable incorporation experts.

How to do startup registration

Shares represent the ownership of a company. Any other Indian or Foreign legal entity or person can share or transfer the ownership of a company. The directors of a business are also effortlessly replaceable. Hence, a corporation allows an Entrepreneur to simply raise capital and hand over ownership without any difficulties.

A private limited company delivers limited accountability protection to its shareholders. In case of any unexpected losses, statutory or legal obligations, the shareholders of the company will not be detained responsible.

Only the Directors of a private limited establishment are held accountable in most cases for various constitutional liabilities.

Benefits of private limited company registration online in India

  • Protections from personal liability
  • Protections from other risks and losses
  • Entices more customers
  • Procures bank credits
  • Processes good investment from reliable investors
  • Offers liability protection to the company’s assets
  • Greater capital contribution
  • Better stability
  • Increases the potential to grow

RPG Associates is at your assistance to get your company registered within ten days.

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