• June 29, 2021

GST Registration in Noida Made Simple by RPG Associates

With the institution of GST, taxpayers are now entitled to realize a set of compliances, which dictates them to submit multiple returns for each Financial Year. Here, GST registration in Noida acts as a source of data for the taxpayers that are used in further transactions.

RPG Associates is setting up to assist clients to have a better understanding of the procedure of GST return filing online. To that, here are the details provided below to offer comprehension information about GST returns.

GST Registration Online

Let us begin with GST returns

Returns consist of forms designed to ensure complete disclosure of the transaction made between buyers and sellers.

1. GSTR 3B: It is a self-declaration invoice.

2. GSTR 1: This form contains the details of the outward supplies.

3. GSTR 2A: This allows the recipients to check the details filled by the supplier.

4. GSTR 2: Under the provision of GST registration online, this form provides the details of the inward supplies.

5. GSTR 1A: It enables the supplier to either accept or reject those changes made by the recipient.

6. GSTR 3: It allows the department to calculate the tax payable after considering the credit availability.

7. GSTR 4A: This form is for taxpayers who opted for the Composition Scheme.

8. GSTR 4: This form contains the auto-populated form of outward details.

9. GSTR 5: This is to be submitted by the 20th of the following month. 

10. GSTR 6A: This is an auto-populated form generated for the Input Service Provider.

11. GSTR 6: Every 13th of the month, GSTR 6 is generated under the GST registration process.

12. GSTR 7: It is the form for submission of details of Tax deductions.

13. GSTR 7A: The Tax Deductor files GSTR 7

14. GSTR 8: This return contains all the supplies made by the e-commerce seller. 

15. GSTR 9: This is an annual return submission form.

16. GSTR 9A: It comprises details filed under the quarterly returns.

RPG Associates has made the GST Return Filing Process simple and quick.

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Under the new GST registration in Noida rule, returns can be filed online via software/apps provided by RPG Associates.

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